Rob Laurich's Universe

Everyone has got to make a living.
New York, New York
There's no place like home.
Travelin' Man
My passion.
Puck Mania
My vice.
Abingdon Pottery
My Collection.
Research and Writing for the Media
My gateway to Media Research.
The Madlibrarian's Media Research Blog
My Blog to assist researchers on Media Issues.
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Do you know your Carbon Footprint?
Help businesses stating out or premiering a new product..
Charity on the Web

Your chance to become involved with Microfinance and seed projects around the world.
Smile Train
A charity very dear to my heart--helping children with clef palates around the World.
When disaster strikes in the World, AmeriCares is there.
Toms Shoes
For every pair of these cool shoes you but, a pair is donated to a needy child.
The Hunger Site
Surf this noble site and help in the battle against World Hunger.
The Rainforest Site
Surf this site and help in the save our Rainforests.
Donors Choose
Donate to money to fund unique projects in NYC Schools. <DD><DD><FONT SIZE="+1">Both we and our words are in His hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts. Wisdom of Solomon 7:16</FONT>

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